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Professional Interest Group:  Psychoanalytic Interest Group

The Psychoanalytic Track at CAPS first convened at the 2009 CAPS convention in Miami. The track attracted much interest with the call for submission of seminar proposals in the summer of 2008. From the first year, the track is designed to offer a pre or post-conference workshop featuring an invited guest senior analyst.  Invited senior analysts have included Nancy McWilliams, Donna Orange, Jim Fosshage, Marilyn Charles, Frank Summers, Philip Ringstrom, and Peter Shabad.

o    The psychoanalytic track was conceived and organized by the Society for the Exploration of Psychoanalytic Therapies and Theology (SEPTT). The society formed in 2007 when 40+ psychologists, mostly CAPS members attending the CAPS convention in Philadelphia, gathered to consider how they might work together to reinvigorate an appreciation for contemporary psychoanalytic theory and practice in Christian behavioral health enterprises. Since 2007, SEPTT has grown to nearly 500 national and international members who engage in dialogue with one another on the SEPTT list-serv. The SEPTT/CAPS relationship has progressively prospered as more professionals have been attracted to CAPS to attend the psychoanalytic track sessions, and CAPS has generously provided a place for SEPTT members to gather annually.

SEPTT also sponsors the Brookhaven Institute for Psychoanalytic Therapies and Theology (BIPACT) which convenes a 5 day training module for its candidates during the annual CAPS conference. BIPACT offers training leading to certification as a psychoanalyst, and is the only psychoanalytic institute in the world offering Christian integration. BIPACT faculty organize the psychoanalytic track at annual CAPS conferences to present practice-based evidence for the unparalleled efficacy of contemporary psychoanalytic psychotherapies, and to offer psychodynamic training in dialogue with Christian theology.

To learn more about SEPTT and BIPACT, visit the website at

To dialogue personally about your interest in SEPTT or BIPACT, write to or contact directly:

Marie & Lowell Hoffman, PH.D.
Marie & Lowell Hoffman, PH.D. Founding Directors, SEPTT & BIPACT
Earl Bland, Psy.D.
Earl Bland, Psy.D. President, SEPTT
Scott Hickman, Psy.D.
Scott Hickman, Psy.D.Director-Elect, BIPACT