A Vibrant Community

CAPS encourages in-depth consideration of therapeutic, research, theoretical, and theological issues. The association is a forum for creative new ideas. In fact, our publications and conferences are the birthplace for many of the formative concepts in our field today.

The J. Derek McNeil Scholars Project

The J. Derek McNeil Scholars Project exists to provide doctoral students of color in professional mental health programs with a two-year system of mentoring and support to facilitate the development of a robust pipeline of faculty and graduate students of color to enhance CAPS with their scholarship and expertise and to contribute to a more diverse and equitable representation of professionals in the mental health field.

CAPS Conversations

CAPS is excited to offer video podcasts on our YouTube channel which focus on contemporary integration topics.

Every few months, a new video will be released with some of the nation’s leading experts in the area of integrating Christian faith, psychological science and counseling practice.

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CAPS members serve as psychologists, counselors, educators, marriage and family therapists, social workers, psychiatrists, professional and lay counselors, researchers, pastoral counselors, and students.


CAPS is more than a professional association; it is a fellowship. While CAPS members represent a variety of denominations, professional groups and theoretical orientations, they are united in their commitment to Christ and to professional excellence. It is this common foundational passion that compels us to engage with one another professionally, spiritually and personally.

A Rich Heritage – A Bright Future

Founded in 1956 by a small group of Christian mental health professionals, CAPS has grown to more than 1,500 members in the U.S., Canada, and more than 25 other countries.

Melissa Stromberger
Melissa StrombergerClinical Psychologist Davenport, Iowa
“I appreciate getting together with like-minded clinicians to discuss cases from a Christ-centered point of view as we practice psychology in an ever increasingly uncertain world”
Mark McMinn
Mark McMinnProfessor, Author George Fox University
CAPS membership reminds me that I’m part of a community doing something special. Together, we are helping to make Christianity visible within the mental health professions, and we are helping make psychology and related disciplines more accessible to the church. And in the process of doing this special work, I am blessed to build lifelong friendships with some amazing people.
Jennifer Ripley
Jennifer RipleyProfessor, Regent University
CAPS is full of people like me who are involved in Christian integration in their work. I have a chance to read the journal, and network with amazing colleagues, who are building the scholarship and practice of the integration of Christianity and Psychology. It’s like a psychological “maker space.”
Christin Fort
Christin FortStudent Member, Fuller Theological Seminary
The best part of CAPS for me is the exposure to diverse concepts of integration; new relationships with diverse, yet like-minded people; and conversations with wonderful people.
Josh Hook
Josh HookAsst. Professor University of N. Texas
Through CAPS, I am involved in a community where both my identity as a Christian and a psychologist are valued and celebrated
Elizabeth Hall
Elizabeth HallProfessor of Psychology,Rosemead School of Psychology
My favorite thing about coming to the CAPS conference are the invigorating conversations with colleagues that stimulate my research and teaching.

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Annual Conference

Join us for three days packed full of training, stimulating dialogue, inspiring spiritual direction, and professional networking. Mental health professionals from all over world present plenary sessions, invited lectures and workshops.

The Journal

The Journal of Psychology and Christianity (JPC) is an official quarterly publication of CAPS, designed to provide scholarly interchange among Christian professionals in the behavioral science and pastoral professions.

Professional Directory

Members obtain a listing in the CAPS Online Directory at no additional charge. The directory allows for the identification of CAPS member professionals, along with contact information and maps/directions to their professional office.