Jessica Pae, Psy.D

Denver, CO

Psychologist and Clinical/Training Director at Grace Counseling

BA in Psychology, Business, and Leadership Studies from University of Denver
MA in Clinical Psychology from Wheaton College
PsyD in Clinical Psychology from Wheaton College

Licensure/Certification and State:
Licensed Psychologist in Colorado

Professional Memberships:
CAPS (member since 2010)

Dr. Jessica Pae is a licensed Psychologist. She has a repertoire of skills instrumental in providing treatment in hospitals, primary care clinics, schools, and residential treatment centers for over 10 years. She has extensive experience providing evidence-based treatment and assessment with children, adults, and families. With a focus on underserved and vulnerable communities, she has worked with patients from diverse ethnic, socioeconomic, and religious populations.

She loves teaching about diagnosis and psychopathology, mental health promotion, parenting, and healthy families. Her research has focused on diversity and multicultural training, cross-cultural adoption, spiritual development, health psychology, suicide prevention, and mass shootings. She has a deep passion for making psychology relevant, accessible, and practical. She has a heart to serve the Asian American community, to encourage holistic health in the church, and to broaden equitable and accessible services to marginalized communities.

Dr. Pae enjoys traveling the world and exploring nature. She also plays piano and leads worship at her church.


Vision for CAPS

CAPS has a special place in my heart. I first attended as a student presenter on self-care with Dr. Sally Canning and have been an active member since. The commitment CAPS demonstrates to Christ and the practice of integrating psychology and theology has deeply encouraged my professional, personal, and spiritual growth.

I want to lead CAPS to become an even more aware, justice-oriented, and equitable organization. I have a heart to fight for social justice, promote inclusivity, and build bridges for greater equity. I have furthered this vision personally as a practitioner and researcher, actively being a voice for minorities, racial justice, and health equity. Throughout my time with CAPS, I have had the privilege to serve in multiple ways as a presenter, poster judge, and track coordinator. I would be honored to continue to serve as a board member. I will provide a platform for a diversity of voices among mental health professionals through advocating and mentoring students and professionals of color and building bridges to the diverse people we serve. My vision for CAPS is to see more engagement from a diverse group of professionals, broadening the voice of marginalized groups in pursuit of expanding the Kingdom through psychology.