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Psychoanalysis and especially psychoanalytic psychotherapy has been quietly experiencing a rebirth in the past quarter century…. Psychotherapists often rediscover psychoanalytic psychotherapy as they experience disappointment that their current models of treatment do not have enduring benefits for some patients. Furthermore, paradigm shifts in contemporary psychoanalysis have advanced theory and technique in new and dramatic ways. These changes have created a psychoanalysis that is relational, incarnational, and missional, finding affinity with theology’s relational turn, and it’s growing emphasis on Trinitarian and liberation theology ( Hoffman, L. & Strawn, B. [2010], p.99).**

The psychoanalytic professional development group traces it’s origin to earlier voices for psychoanalysis in CAPS, i.e. Bruce Narramore, Michael Mangis, Randall Lehman-Sorenson, Beth Brokaw, Todd Hall, and Theresa Tisdale, among others. In 2009, a psychoanalytic track was offered for the first year at the CAPS International Convention in Orlando, FL. The track was organized by CAPS members who were members of the recently formed Society for the Exploration of Psychoanalytic Therapies and Theology (SEPTT) co-founded by Lowell and Marie Hoffman, Brad Strawn, Beth Brokaw and numerous other CAPS members. The psychoanalytic track has enjoyed an encouraging reception by members of the CAPS community in attendance at the annual conventions and anticipates an excellent third year of presentations for the psychoanalytic track at the 2011 CAPS International Convention in Indianapolis.

This web presence of the psychoanalytic professional development group is organized and offered in order to provide resources and a network for the interested Christian psychotherapist and psychology academic who wishes to pursue new learning with a contemporary psychoanalytic sensibility. The content of the site is provided and overseen by the psychoanalytically-trained members of the Society for the Exploration of Psychoanalytic Therapies and Theology (SEPTT). This web site is designed to inform of psychoanalytic events, provide a referral list of psychodynamically trained psychotherapists and supervisors, list significant books, articles, and other media specific to psychoanalytic knowledge, offer ongoing introductory study groups on psychoanalytic topics, and enable the networking and communication of professionals and students in their psychoanalytic endeavors.

**Hoffman, L. & Strawn, B. (2010). Guest editor’s page. Journal of Psychology & Christianity, 29, p.99.






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