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Thursday Evening Opening Plenary 

Curtis Thompson, MD is a psychiatrist in private practice in Falls Church, Virginia. Dr. Thompson graduated from the Wright State University School of Medicine and did his psychiatric residency at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia. His main interest and expertise is in the field of interpersonal neurobiology, a fascinating field discussed in his book, Anatomy of the Soul. He is the owner of Being Known, LLC, which exists to educate people about the integral connections between the mind, brain,relationships, and their relevance to their relationship with God.


Friday Morning Plenary

Heather Davediuk Gingrich, PhD is a professor of psychology at Denver Seminary in Littleton, Colorado. She is also an instructor in the EdD program in counseling at the Asia Graduate School of Theology in Quezon City, Philippines. She did her doctoral work in clinical psychology at the University of the Philippines. Heather and her husband, Fred, (both native Canadians) served as missionaries in the Philippines from 1997-2005. Dr. Gingrich is an expert in the field of complex traumatic stress disorder, which is the primary topic in her recent book, Restoring the Shattered Self: A Christian Counselor’s Guide to Complex Trauma.


Friday Luncheon Plenary  

Frauke Schaefer, MD is a psychiatrist in private practice in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She did her medical school training at the University of Cologne, and worked as a family practice physician in Germany and the United Kingdom. She is also a graduate of the psychiatry residency program at Duke University. Among her many international experiences, Dr. Schaeffer was the director of a hospital in Nepal that treated leprosy and trauma patients from 1990-1997. She and her husband, Charles, devote much of their time to working with missionaries and humanitarian workers. They co-edited/authored a recent book on this topic; it is entitled Trauma and Resilience: Effectively Supporting Those Who Serve God.


Friday Evening Entertainment

Curt Cloninger

We live in a world saturated with entertainment. But there is a great need for quality entertainment which also presents lasting truth. The work of Curt Cloninger does just that. Curt is a follower of Jesus, and a professional actor and writer. He uses his comic and dramatic skills to present story which moves an audience to see and feel God’s startling good news in fresh and creative ways. Since 1982 Curt has performed thousands of times for colleges, churches and conferences all over the world. He’s equally at home performing for large national conferences or small intimate settings. (He’s performed for 30,000 people in the Georgia Dome and for 30 crammed into a living room.) His performances have an intimate quality which pulls audiences into the story. Curt commonly hears from people who tell him that his characters and stories are still impacting their lives, years after seeing a performance. His work might best be described this way: “Great stories. Well told. Lasting Impression.”

Saturday Morning Plenary

Maria Ritter, PhD is a clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst in private practice in La Jolla, California. She received her PhD from The Fielding Institute in Santa Barbara; and is a graduate of (and current faculty member at) the San Diego Psychoanalytic Society and Institute. Dr. Ritter, a native of Germany, did an internship at the Sigmund Freud Institute in Frankfurt. Her dissertation was entitled “The Minister’s Wife: A Study On Role Conflict and Self-Actualization”. Dr. Ritter is an internationally known expert in the field of trauma recovery, which is the topic of her popular book Return to Dresden - A Psychoanalyst’s view on Trauma and Recovery.

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