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Jeff Reese

Clinical Practice Track

Jeff Reese, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Counseling Psychology, University of Kentucky; “Practice-Based Evidence: Using Client Feedback to Improve Outcome and Empower Clients”

Steven Sandage

Academic-Research Track

Steven Sandage, Ph.D., Psychologist and Professor of Marriage & Family Studies, Bethel College and Bethel Seminary; “Relational Integration: A Differentiation-Based Approach for Relating Psychology and Theology”

Richard Watts

Counselor Education Track

Richard Watts, Ph.D., Professor and Director, Center for Research and Doctoral Studies in Counselor Education, Sam Houston State University; “Christian Scholars or Scholars Who Are Christians: Is It More Than Semantics?”

John Carter

Psychoanalysis Track

John Carter, Ph.D., Psychologist in Independent Practice in California; “Relational Psychoanalysis and Theological Anthropology”

James Sells

Marriage & Family Track

James Sells, Ph.D., Professor & Counseling Department Chair, School of Psychology and Counseling, Regent University: “From Cyclical Confict to Marital Intimacy: The Role of Relational Grace”


Craig Barnes

Pastoral Care Track

Craig Barnes, Ph.D., Meneilly Professor of Leadership and Ministry, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary; “The Pastor as Minor Poet”

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