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KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Winston Gooden, PhD

Former Dean and Professor of Psychology at Fuller's School of Psychology. Dr. Gooden's educational background includes an MDiv from Yale Divinity School with an MS and PhD from Yale University. His research has focused on the spiritual and emotional development of African American men, the developmental crises and transitions of early and middle adulthood, and a more recent exploration of the relationship between shame, intimacy, and attachment among married couples of various ethnic backgrounds. 

The plenary talks at the 2016 CAPS East conference explored the place of self-transcendence in spiritual transformation and in dynamic and existential approaches to psychotherapy as a way of continuing the conversation between psychology and Christian faith. We explored how various practices that support these processes of transformation lead to spiritual or emotional maturity, if and how they provide openings for psychotherapy to address spiritual issues and how they might be relevant to the life of faith.




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